Blueline Post is a production company in northern Stockholm, focusing on video production/editing, motion graphics, and web design.

In the beginning of 2015 – I, Hanna Olsson, decided to start my own business. I graduated from an education in TV production in 2009 and then I worked as a freelance editor and animator for four years. I have built up a network of colleagues I would like to work with.

The company is now run by me. I mainly work as a consultant in TV editing/motion graphics. But I also put together own projects such as music videos and corporate films for the web. I work as “a spider in the net” – I have a huge contact net of competent freelancers who cooperate with me in productions. During my years as a freelancer, I have worked with customers such as Meter Film & TV, SVT, Warner Bros and We Are Era (former United Screens).

I really want to work personalized and close to my customers. Even if it’s just me coming in for two days and editing some material. I am always in for a spontaneous meeting, with no expectations – just to get to know new people. When I work with freelancers I really get to know them before I hire them for any job. I am very accurate with quality when it comes to filming and creating stories. I also have knowledge in social media and how it works – so I can definitely make your production get views when it’s done.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Kind Regards, Hanna Olsson