Blueline Post started in April 2015 as a registered company by me, Hanna Olsson. I have been working since 2011 with editing/motion graphics and here are some projects I have worked with during the past years.
Redigering av en film
Video (post production)

Bäst i test (season 4)
Customer: Baluba
Role: Editing

Vägens Hjältar (season 8-9)
Customer: Alaska Film & TV
Role: Offline editing

Stellaris – Youtuber war season 2 (Episode 1, 3, 5)
Customer: Shortcut Media/Bond Street/Paradox
Role: Main editing & voice over manuscript (co-writer)

Livet i Bokstavslandet 
Customer: Patrik STHLM/Utbildningsradion
Role: Editor (and composed the melodies sung by Björn Kjellman in this part)

Video (full production)

Music video - Nocean "The Prisoner"
Own production
Roles: Full production, filming, full post production and marketing on Youtube

Timbuktu & Masaka Trio
Customer: We Are Era

Role: Editor

Prins Daniels Fellowship - Entreprenörspeppet 2021
Customer: We Are Era

Role: Editor/grading

Wehype event movie
Customer: Wehype

Role: Producer/photographer/editor

ABBA  – The Backstage Stories”

Customer: Filmriding & Company & Bonnier
Role: Editing, grading & motion graphics

Web design & graphics

Bluelinepost.se is designed by me (Wix), and these are examples of other customers I've had:

Website: helenalundberg.com

Role: Web designer (Wordpress), logo design

Skärmavbild 2019-04-16 kl. 19.34.22.png

Website: Bach & Steel

Role: Web designer (Wordpress), logo design

Skärmavbild 2019-04-16 kl. 19.38.03.png
Studio Microphone